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ALFA SP logistika d.o.o. is a modern mid-sized logistics company, active in the field of international logistics since the year 1989. ALFA SP is also the oldest Slovenian logistics company in private, family-ownership and renders all types of transportation service demands in road, air, sea and rail. Alongside we have the advantage to offer in-house customs clearance service and many other administrative and documentary procedures relating to the import and export of goods. More than 25 years of presence in the market speaks for itself, when it comes to quality of our service, reliability, and special treatment we give to our clients. With constant trend analysis in the domestic and international markets, we are regularly brining in new products and logistics solutions, coupled with our vision, highly capable and motivated team and our global logistics partnerships, we are successfully gaining ever-larger shares of the domestic logistics market.

We are becoming the go-to forwarder, whenever your current, most often, the cheapest logistics provider fails to meet your demands and handles your cargo just like any other parcel or pallet. We also excel whenever there is a challenge you must overcome or a problem you must solve. We will not pass you through different departments and keep you waiting on the line. Our specialists will come and personally meet you and provide you with the solutions you are after. We may not always be the cheapest solution you may be offered with, but we will always be the most reliable, the fastest and the most trust-worthy partner in your supply chain. When you start interacting with us, you will immediately experience that you have never met such a friendly freight forwarder.

Our logistics offer is complete. We pride in being the one-stop shop for all your logistics requirements in the entire Central and South-Eastern European region. We have excellent market position, are well equipped with all logistics tools, coupled with the decades of experience and knowledge, we can deliver way beyond your expectations. Figures and accolades speak for themselves. We regularly rank among the fastest growing companies in the region and in Slovenia and we are one of the rare recipients of the highest platinum triple AAA credit rating in the industry. As a family-owned and managed company, we are a long-term oriented company, motivated solely by stable and gradual growth, as well as by grounded financial backing. Look no further, you have found the right partner for your logistic job!

Dr. Kristijan Stamatović
Group managing director


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