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Kristijan Stamatovic

ALFA SP is a modern mid-sized logistics company, active in the field of international logistics since the year 1989. ALFA SP is also the oldest Slovenian logistics company in private, family-ownership and renders all types of transportation service demands in road, air, sea and rail. Alongside we have the advantage to offer in-house customs clearance service and many other administrative and documentary procedures relating to the import and export of goods. More than 25 years of presence in the market speaks for itself, when it comes to quality of our service, reliability and special treatment we give to our clients. With constant trend analysis in the domestic and international markets, we are regularly brining in new products and logistics solutions, coupled with our vision, highly capable and motivated team and our global logistics partnerships, we are successfully gaining ever-larger shares of the domestic logistics market.

We are becoming the go-to forwarder, whenever your current, most often, the cheapest logistics provider fails to meet your demands and handles your cargo just like any other parcel or pallet. We also excel whenever there is a challenge you must overcome or a problem you must solve. We will not pass you through different departments and keep you waiting on the line. Our specialists will come and personally meet you and provide you with the solutions you are after. We may not always be the cheapest solution you may be offered with, but we will always be the most reliable, the fastest and the most trust-worthy partner in your supply chain. When you start interacting with us, you will immediately experience that you have never met such a friendly freight forwarder.

Our logistics offer is complete. We pride in being the one-stop shop for all your logistics requirements not only in Slovenia, but also in the entire Central European region. We have excellent market position, are well equipped with all logistics tools, coupled with the decades of experience and knowledge, we can deliver way beyond your expectations. Figures and accolades speak for themselves. We regularly rank among the fastest growing companies in the region and in Slovenia and we are one of the rare recipients of the highest triple AAA credit rating in the industry. As a family-owned and managed company, we are a long-term oriented company, motivated solely by stable and gradual growth, as well as by grounded financial backing.
Look no further, you have found the right partner for your logistic job!

Kristijan Stamatović
Director of Sales and Operations


Here you can find all the legal and financial information about the company. We operate exclusively under the currently valid General terms and conditions of international freight forwarders of Slovenia 2009.

Full company name: ALFA SP LOGISTIKA D.O.O.
Short company name ALFA SP D.O.O.
Legal address:

Telephone: +386 (0) 599 45 646
Fax: +386 (0) 590 99 590
E-mail: info@alfasp.eu
Web: www.alfasp.eu

Registration number: 5288606000
VAT ID Number: SI95392408
Tax Number: 95392408

Bank account: 6100 0001 3934 979 opened with DELAVSKA HRANILNICA D.D., MIKLOŠIČEVA  5, 1000 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA
IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 3934 979

We work exclusively according to the General terms and conditions of international forwarders of Slovenia  2009. Registered with Regional Court in Ljubljana, under file number: 061/10226200. Paid up capital 81.969,00 EUR.



With the help of all major shipping lines present in Port of Koper and all the major LCL consolidators, we organize LCL and FCL container transport with competitive pricing. At the same time, we arrange for you all the port services needed, ranging from bookings, warehousing, customs processes, delivery and pick-up. We also organize all documentary and administrative procedures in the port. We are particularly keen on cross-dock loadings and offloading/stuffing in our bonded warehouse just outside the port.
At the Port of Koper, we are recognized as one of the most active freight forwarders with large volumes of full container throughput. We are also regarded as one of the leaders for LCL consolidated transport. We are particularly keen in OOG (out of gauge) and IMO (dangerous) cargo. We organize all types of sea freight transportation:

- Full container loading (FCL)
- Less-than full container loading (LCL)
- IMO containers
- OOG cargo in Open Top, Flat Rack and MAFI containers/trailers
- Ro-Ro cargo (cars and vehicles)
- Reefer containers
- Reallocations and diplomatic movements, sensitive cargo


With the help of all airlines present at Ljubljana airport as well as global partners, we deliver the cargo to any part of the world, safely and reliably. At the Ljubljana airport we achieve great volume of cargo and thereby receive special conditions, which we pass on to our client. We also combine the usage of European gateways when this provides either a time critical or cost saving situation for the client. We organize all types of airfreight transportation:

- Regular airline transport from and to Ljubljana airport
- Full or partial charter cargo transportation of cargo
- Courier services and door-to-door parcel services
- Personal reallocations and sensitive cargo
- IMO cargo
- Perishable and dry-ice cargo


Our road transport department organizes full and part loadings in the entire Europe. Most transports are organized to and from Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and the entire ex Yugoslavian region. We organize all types of road transportation:

- Full truck loading (FTL)
- Partial truck loading (LTL)
- Thermal truck loading
- Groupage and co-loading
- IMO trucking
- Exceptional transports and oversized cargo transport
- Container trucking


We are an AEO certified company and are authorized, certified customs broker in Slovenia. We offer all customs procedures from regular import, transit documents and fiscal clearance. For known shippers and consignees we are able to organize in-hose export and import customs procedures. Given our longstanding cooperation with the customs office of Slovenia, we are capable of solving any simple and complicated procedures.


Forwarding services and inspections

We are able to organize all the necessary documentary and administrative procedures needed for importation or exportation of the goods. That includes phytosanitary, sanitary and veterinary inspection. We are able to issue any documents ranging from EUR 1, ATA carnet, FCR, FBL and others. We also report to INTRASTAT system if required.


Forwarders liability insurance and cargo insurance

We are a fully ensured for the forwarders liability and we are a fully licensed insurance broker for cargo insurance, meaning we can directly arrange cargo insurance for your cargo.


Why is it better to purchase cargo under FOB terms on the import side?

The seller delivers the goods and hands it over to the buyer on board the ship. From here on, transport costs and transport organization is entirely directed by the customer through its designated freight forwarder. There is a plethora of reasons why this is better for the importer: 
- All costs are known in advance under the terms and conditions as offered by the importers freight forwarder
- Under CFR/CIF terms, importer has no clear information about the destination charges, which are always much higher than the entire cost of the transportation would have cost, should the cargo be transported under FOB terms.
- The deadline for payment of transport in talks with its shippers, which can provide a postponement of the date of arrival of the consignment at the destination port of landing
- Most importantly, the importer decides on the service and quality of the transport and therefore controls the critical parts of the supply chain: cost and transit time

Why it is not advisable to let your supplier organize the transport?

Through your freight forwarder, you choose the freight forwarder, who has negotiated prices, dates and ports of loading, has checked local and destination charges and fully plans and tracks your cargo from the starting to the ending point. More importantly, the importer avoids the coordination of several shippers / agents, which may be involved, if organization of transport is not in importers hands.
Choosing a good and trustworthy freight forwarder means a big advantage for you, since only the logistics expert can make sure that your cargo arrives safely and timely.

Why is it important that shipments in marine transportation are cargo insured?

The fundamental purpose of the Institute's general average is that if during the time of cargo transportation, the ship comes to dangerous situations in which distressed assets involved in this journey (ship, cargo freight) are at risk, and any of these assets are sacrificed for the common benefit, the owner of the cargo holds the property right for the proportionate reimbursement from all participants on the ship. This means that the general average is counted as value cargo ships as well as freight and rescue costs.  In case ships must be rescued, are burning, stranding or are broken, cargo owner must participate in them to the costs of resolving all participants of transportation, commensurate with the value of the property. In the event that the goods are insured, such a loss such as breaking are covered by the insurance company. In the event that the goods are not insured, the cost must be borne by the owner of the goods.

In any case, the transport insurance is also recommended for other loss events, only on the possibility of general average.

More about the Institute general average can be found in the Maritime Code of the Republic of Slovenia 12.4.2001, Articles 788 to 823 line.

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